Deloitte Academy students have their first class in Advisory Principles and Practice (APP)

The Academy by Deloitte classroom of students

Students in BUSINESS 2000 Advisory Principles and Practice

The Academy by Deloitte is up and running and students have just experienced their first class co-developed by Deloitte and the University of Adelaide. BUSINESS 2000 Advisory Principles and Practice is a course co-designed by the University of Adelaide and Deloitte Australia as part of the joint Academy by Deloitte initiative and leads into the internship.

The course uses an experiential learning approach to show students how to understand the ecosystem that surrounds complex problems, apply research and analytical skills, communicate persuasively, and build strong relationships with stakeholders.

Working in teams, students are briefed by an external organisation on a real-world challenge they are facing and spend the course creatively exploring fresh approaches and solutions.

In our winter school offering, the client is “Committee for Adelaide”. The Committee’s work centres around people, business and capital, and how the interconnection of these areas and their relationship to one another largely determine the economic and cultural health of our society.

On the final day of the course, each team will present a persuasive final recommendation to the client on how to best address the challenge.

The Academy has been designed in partnership with Deloitte to integrate academic learning with practical application and experience in the workplace. Students develop the skills they need to immediately perform at a high, professional level and put themselves in a prime position to secure employment.

The Academy is open to arts, business, law, economics, health, sciences, engineering, and technology undergraduates—with relevant professional activities built into the experience for all students.

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