School of Education Representatives at the 2024 United Nations Global Peace Summit

A collage of Yuli and Wenfei

Ms Yuli Astiana (left) and Ms Wenfei Li (right)

Ms Yuli Astiana and Ms Wenfei Li will be representing the School of Education at the 3rd Global Peace Summit (hosted by Humanitarian Affairs Asia) at the United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, in January 2024, and will act as Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassadors throughout 2024. 

Following this prestigious event, they will each be delivering talks and engaging in activities in Adelaide and beyond, to advance global peace.

Wenfei Li – Researcher in Gender and Education

Wenfei Li is currently a full-time HDR student at the University of Adelaide's School of Education. Her personal experience of receiving education in rural China, from kindergarten to high school, has been a profound source of inspiration for her research. Drawing from Foucault's poststructural theories, Butler's concept of gender performativity, affect theories, and a strong commitment to decolonization, Wenfei's research aims to amplify the voices of marginalized girls and young women from rural areas in China, empowering them to be heard.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Wenfei Li will proudly represent the School of Education at the distinguished 3rd Global Peace Summit in 2024, held at the esteemed United Nations. Alongside Yuli, she will serve as a Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador, dedicating a year to fostering dialogue, collaboration, and contributing to the advancement of global peace.

Yuli Astiana Researcher in Peace Education

Yuli Astiana is a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide's School of Education, with a research focus on the role of education in promoting peace and harmony, as well as countering radicalisation and violent extremism. Her specialisation delves into Indonesian cultural identities and values, aiming to recognise egalitarian interpretations of peace while acknowledging the intricacies of local meanings and contexts.

Prior to receiving the Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarship for her PhD, she was awarded the Excellence Scholarship by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to pursue her Master of Education at the University of Adelaide, with a thesis focusing on anti-radicalisation education, emphasising Islamic education, local values, and Pancasila. With a diverse professional background, Yuli has worked at the Communication and Information Agency City of Makassar, and with a local NGO under the Business Enabling Environment (BEE) program by Kinerja-USAID in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Yuli's profound passion for peace education stems from her aspiration to contribute a context-specific perspective on peace as an integral part of society, informing policies and practices.

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