The Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics (RUMLAE) launches podcast series

How does Islamic law provide useful references and insights to help protect people affected by conflict? For veterans transitioning from the military to civilian life, some end up in prison. What are the underlying factors, and what can be put in place to provide better support and outcomes? How does maritime law impact upon Australian national security? And is there an Australian domestic law that can impact Australian Defence Force operations in armed conflict?

The Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics (RUMLAE) at the University of Adelaide is untangling these, and other issues, in their new podcast series.

"Our RUMLAE podcast series aims to start the conversation on contemporary challenges in the areas of military law, national security, international law, military justice, international relations, strategic policy and space law through regular podcasts with leading experts”, commented Professor Dale Stephens CSM FAAL and Director of RUMLAE at the Adelaide Law School.

RUMLAE was established to examine legal and policy issues relevant to military and security matters with a particular focus on ethical aspects relevant to the use of force. The language of strategy, politics and ethics are frequently fused in moments of legal decision. RUMLAE aims to deconstruct these layers and identify moments of clarity in the manner in which choices are made and actions authentically taken under the law.

“Our research looks at ethical and moral issues relating to the use of force and the dimension of national security and we are dedicated to better understanding how discourses of violence are both created and understood, and how they can be mitigated,” said Professor Stephens.

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