Wine Business researcher's knowledge exchange to Europe

Syuzanna Mosikyan at a Chianti vineyard, with grey clouds above.

Syuzanna Mosikyan, a PhD researcher from the Wine Business group of the University of Adelaide, has recently returned from a knowledge exchange and research journey across three European countries in February - March 2024.

The trip was supported by the Outbound Knowledge Exchange Bursary, delivered as part of Adelaide, South Australia’s membership to the Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWCGN), an exclusive group of 12 internationally renowned wine regions, including Bordeaux and the Napa Valley.

Syuzanna’s research is in wine business and sensory science, with the focus of understanding consumer perceptions and attitudes towards Australian alternative and gene-edited traditional grape varieties. Recognising the impact of climate change on the global wine industry, she was determined to travel to other wine regions to tap into their expertise, broaden her perspectives, and find innovative solutions.

In 50 days, Syuzanna travelled across several wine regions and Great Wine Capitals in France, Italy, and Germany. Her itinerary included visits to ten cities, eight wineries, five research institutions, attendance to two international wine fairs, one conference, and numerous meetings with industry professionals, researchers, and experts, facilitating dialogue on climate change adaptation and novel grape variety acceptance in South Australia's wine industry.

In France, Syuzanna visited Kedge Business School, presented her seminar at the University of Bordeaux, and explored several producers focusing on novel and hybrid varieties in the region. She also delved into an innovative project by Bernard Magrez, a well-known wine producer in Bordeaux, called La Tour Carnet 2050, aimed at simulating the impact of climate change on vineyards. Additionally, she attended Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, a prominent wine and spirits fair, which provided networking opportunities and masterclasses with wine professionals.

In Italy, she had the opportunity to present her research at the University of Verona, Department of Management. She also visited the Department of Biotechnology of the same university and the Edmund Mach Research and Innovation Centre, both focusing on the development of hybrid and gene-edited grape varieties.

Syuzanna Mosikyan at Deutsches Weininstitut in Germany

In Germany, Syuzanna engaged with researchers at Geisenheim University, focusing on consumer acceptance of fungus-resistant grape varieties. She also explored current German wine trends with the marketing director of the German Wine Institute. Her journey in this country concluded with attending Meininger's Conference and Prowein, one of the world's largest wine fairs, encompassing 50,000 wine and spirits producers from all over the world, allowing her to meet a large number of wine professionals related to her topic in one place.

Syuzanna’s trip showcased the collaborative spirit of the Great Wine Capitals and the Wine Business Group, where sharing knowledge leads to positive transformations both globally and within the South Australian wine scene. Now back in Adelaide, she is ready to integrate the insights gained during her travels into her research, offering valuable contributions to the local wine community and advocating for sustainable practices in the industry.

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