La Chan Tran Nguyen is a Top100 Future Leaders finalist

La Chan Tran

The Top100 Future Leaders Competition recognises high-performing university students and gives them a head-start on their graduate careers. The award enables students to build networks with Australia’s top employers.

La Chan Tran Nguyen (Katie) is a Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) student and one of the four Future Leader finalists from The University of Adelaide for 2021. Katie shares with us insights from her studies and experience with the Top100 competition. 

Why did you choose to study Economics at The University of Adelaide?

Growing up, I have always had a love for numbers and statistics - I love the process of taking lots of non-sensical data and turning it into something that can help improve decision making.

I chose to study the Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) because it was flexible. It enabled me to explore other areas related to Economics such as data visualisation, mathematical problem solving and financial analytics - but above all, it allowed me to pursue my dream career in management consulting. This is a role which requires an all-rounded person with diverse skills.

The Advanced degree was challenging and provided me with the opportunity to grow to my fullest potential. It equipped me with the skills to learn quickly and improve constantly to balance both my extracurricular-life and career-life. But also, I found many small, joyful moments in the process and made many life-long friends!  

The skills I have developed during my degree; problem solving, communication, time management, analytical skills, and leadership, have led me to where I am today.La Chan Tran Nguyen

What inspired you to nominate for the Top100 Future Leaders competition?

Since I started studying overseas from a very young age, I always wanted to inspire other international students. I believe that international students are a valuable asset – not only because of their education and skills but also because of their life experience. Their perspective and attitude on problems is very unique as they often face different challenges. They are often required to learn a new language, find work or study in a foreign environment or spend extended periods away from family and friends. As a result, they are incredibly hardworking and resilient. However, I know from my personal experience that many international students doubt themselves because of the language barrier or cultural differences. By nominating myself to Top100, I wanted to inspire them to never give up and demonstrate that belief in one’s own ability will lead to greater opportunities.

As a side note, it is important that international students establish and maximize the networks they have around them. This is what helped me on my journey.

How have you to developed your leadership skills while studying?

I have been involved in clubs such as Adelaide Business Students' Society180 Degrees Consulting and Bright Futures Society, where I undertook leadership roles. This enabled me to exchange my experiences with others and taught me to be more selfless and show more empathy and care towards people.

To explore beyond my field, I got involved in various competitions, such the Biogen Neurohack, because I am very interested in both Technology and the Sciences. Furthermore, I wanted to diversify my skills. Here, I met many people involved in Science, Medicine, Engineering, Law and much more.

The skills I have developed during my degree; such as problem solving, communication, time management, analytical skills, and leadership, have led me to where I am today.

The Top100 Future Leaders Competition runs annually. Check out the University of Adelaide's Career Services to find out more about our past winners and their application experience. 

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