Reserve Bank of Australia: afternoon tea with Economics (Advanced) students

On Wednesday 16 June 2021, the School of Economics and Public Policy hosted analysts from the Reserve Bank of Australia for an afternoon networking session with our undergraduate students. 

Michael Reschke and Charles Wenk from the Reserve Bank of Australia visited their alma mater and presented to Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) students. They spoke with undergraduate students about their journey from undergraduate tutorials in macroeconomics to completing Honours (both with first class degrees) to then navigating the graduate job market.

Michael Reschke (BEc (Adv) with 1st Honours, B.Commerce) and Charles Wenk (BEc (Adv) with 1st Honours) shared some insights with the audience on the research that they have conducted as part of their roles as analysts at the RBA. Charles, who has worked on analysis on domestic markets, made a reference (or two) to the Beveridge Curve which yielded an appreciative response from our audience. It is great to see that Economics-themed humour is still alive and well. On the other hand, Michael spoke about his research work on Institutional Markets and shared his wisdom and words of encouragement with our honours students as they approached their exams and dissertation writing.

Dr Virginie Masson, Senior Lecturer, was on hand to welcome the students to the School of Economics board room and wish students well as they took a much needed break from their Study Without Teachers (SWOT) week. The presentation was well received by students from the Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) and the Honours year cohort. 

The networking event was filled with robust discussions on the future of economics and the exciting job opportunities that lie ahead for our students. Audience members were invited to mingle with our Reserve Bank guests over afternoon tea supplied by the School of Economics and Public Policy. 

This event was organised by the School of Economics and Public Policy who are proud to maintain the connections with eminent economics, industry guests as well as our graduates who are invited to speak and network with students. These events are designed to help students prepare for the future of work and explore potential career pathways whilst completing their undergraduate studies.

Students enrolled in the Advanced degree have special access to interact with and learn from eminent researchers, notable economists from abroad, and high-ranking economists practising in the private and public sector. 

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Student Cohort with our Guest Speakers from the Reserve Bank of Australia
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