John Creswell Economics (Advanced) Scholarship winners

Congratulations to the winners of the John Creswell Scholarship in the School of Economics and Public Policy.

A collage of 4 people: Lachlan, Shreya, Max, and Katherine.

Left to right: Lachlan Smith, Shreya Nidumolu, Max Alfred, and Katherine Varley.

The John Creswell Scholarship awards $5,000 to the commencing student with the highest overall selection rank who enrols in the Bachelor of Economics (Advanced).

In 2023, the Scholarship has been awarded to Max Alfred, Shreya Nidumolu, Lachlan Smith, and Katherine Varley.

Max Alfred isn’t sure exactly what he wants to do after he finishes study, but he thinks somewhere in the scope of Business.

“That’s a part of the reason I’m doing economics because the subject leads to such a broad range of opportunities down the road,” he says.

Max’s scholarship is a great boost to start off his university studies.

“It reassures me if I continue to apply myself, I will eventually get where I want to be.”

Shreya Nidumolu has an interest in the field of developmental economics, and would like to pursue further education in either developmental economics or econometrics and see where that takes her.

“Winning this scholarship definitely instils confidence in me and my ability, but it also shows me the importance of economics as a discipline,” she says.

Lachlan Smith plans on pursuing postgraduate study and potentially working in quantitative finance or economic analysis.

He says, "the scholarship means a lot because it recognises all the effort I put into my year 12."

Katherine Varley is studying a Bachelor of Media alongside her Bachelor of Economics (Advanced), and while she’s not sure what she wants to do yet after she graduates, she has an open mind and attitude that she’ll carry through her studies.

“I’m super grateful for winning this scholarship – it’s encouraged me to embrace all of the opportunities for learning and new experiences offered by the university and by my degree.”

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