Alternative Modernisms

The rationale for this event is to explore some of the key concepts outlined in what has come to be called the New Modernism Studies: to test their viability, the scope of their application, and their utility as critical coordinates for present and future research.

Some of these concepts include: widening the historical and geographical scope of Modernism from its paradigmatic focus on Transatlantic aesthetic production in the period c. 1890-1950; theories of belatedness, whether applied to a national or regional tradition when compared with the centres of Modernist production, or comparing the evolution of genres within those traditions; and dismantling assumptions of high, middle and popular culture as they have been applied to particular genres (avant-garde poetry vs. music hall entertainment, for example, or literary novels vs. detective fiction) or to aesthetic production in particular places and times. This schema is a starting point for further questions such as: how can the Modernist artwork be distinguished from that which is not Modernist? Is there a productive difference between not Modernism and not-Modernism? How and when do such terms as Late Modernism apply, and to what kinds of aesthetic productions?

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Session 1

Time Presenter Topic
11:00am Jacob Sunter Trade Secrets: Cruising Queer Modernism on the New York Waterfront
11:20am Celine Zerna “Still in the Making”: Zora Neale Hurston and Ethnographic Modernism, Or, Looking for ‘Zora’ Without Finding Her
11:40am  Stefan Solomon ‘A simultaneous and progressive accumulation of conflicts’: Faulkner, Eisenstein, Glauber

Session 2

Time Presenter Topic
1:30pm Sascha Morrell Remediations of Modernism and Media
2:00pm Julian Murphet When did Modernism matter?
2:30pm Tam Avery Where was Modernism? A Critical Regionalist Account

Session 3

Time Presenter Topic
3:15pm Ben Madden What Ever Happened to the Institutions of Modernism?
3:45pm Sean Pryor Why is Modernism a Good Thing? (Is Modernism a Good Thing?)
4:15pm Mark Byron The Clouded Mirror of Poetry: Menglong Shiren and Modernist Aesthetics
4:45pm Nicholas Jose Out of Place and Out of Time: Nanyue, Buenos Aires, Adelaide
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