Artificial intelligence in the classroom - preparing for the next wave of disruption

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has established itself as the new frontier of computing and is already instigating transformations in a range of economic and cultural contexts.

Dr Walter Barbieri

Dr Walter Barbieri

Its presence in schools while not yet widespread, is emerging and it is therefore important to examine and evaluate its impact. 

AI in the classroom promises new opportunities and presents new risks to current educational practice. In this research seminar Dr Walter Barbieri will contextualise AI in the wave of technological disruptions that have swept through school classrooms over the past century or so. Walter will demonstrate examples of AI tools that can be used presently for a range of school subjects. He will interrogate the impact that AI can have on subject knowledge, teaching practice and assessment design, and question whether teachers are ready for this new wave of disruption.

Dr Walter Barbieri has over 20 years of experience in teaching and learning across a wide range of disciplines in secondary and tertiary contexts. He is a local and national award-winner in the field and has been recognised internationally for his teaching innovations. He specialises in the use of technology in education and is currently investigating the role of 1:1 device deployment in schools.

Walter coordinates the eLearning Program at the School of Education, which has elevated the role of educational technologies for all academics and students of the School of Education. The eLearning Program has helped the University of Adelaide gain Apple Distinguished School status, making it the only university in Australia and New Zealand to achieve this accolade.

Walter is a member of the Adelaide Education Academy and the Adelaide College of Reviewers.

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