Never give up! Lessons from an 8-year paper publication journey and fascinating review process experience

Performance and publication expectations to secure your first academic position post PhD are higher than ever, with often fierce competition.

Dr Ingo

Dr. Ingo O. Karpen is a Full Professor of Business and Design at CTF – Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden and The Adelaide Business School. Ingo is an editorial board member across journals and his publications appeared in leading international journals such as the Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Research, and Journal of Product Innovation Management among many others. 

In this talk he will reflect on a joint publication journey with a former PhD student. This will be an opportunity to learn from others' experiences in the publication game, seeing interesting directions that were pursued and decisions you would not typically expect. It is also an opportunity to engage with your own publication future and support your efforts through this reflective process. 

Carst Points: 2 credits, Domain D

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