AHURI NHRP Founding Round Open Now

The NHRP 2022 Funding Round is now open. The Funding Round is open from Tuesday 4 May to Thursday 1 July 2021 at 12 noon AEST. The Research Agenda and Funding Round documents are now available on the AHURI website at https://www.ahuri.edu.au/housing/national-housing-research-program/nhrp-funding-rounds/2022-nhrp-funding-round.  On the website, you will find the:

  •  NHRP 2022 Research Agenda
  • NHRP 2022 Handbook
  • NHRP 2022 Guidelines for applicants
  • NHRP 2022 Scholarship Top-up Guidelines
  • Application forms:
    • Inquiry program and team attachment form
    • Inquiry research projects
    • Research, Investigative Panel and Scoping projects.
    • 2022 Scholarship Top-up application
  • Submission forms
    • Inquiry Program and Inquiry research projects
    • Research, Investigative panel, and Scoping projects
  • 2022 NHRP Ethical principles and guidelines for Indigenous research
  • AHURI housing data sources

AHURI will be holding a roadshow sometime over the next few weeks to discuss the funding round in more detail and answer any questions. More information will be provided once the time and date of the event have been confirmed.

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