CHP Seminar - Prof Rebecca Bentley & Prof Emma Baker

Healthyy Housing Seminar Flyer

Join us on Zoom at 10.30am (ACDT) on Monday 18 October to hear ACHR members Professor Rebecca Bentley and Professor Emma Baker talk about the ways the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence for Healthy Housing is undertaking research to drive the national agenda around healthy housing.

A surprising number of Australians live in unhealthy housing – up to 1.1 million people live in poor condition housing, 2.1 million have housing that is unaffordable and almost quarter of our houses have health harming damp or mould.

In Sept 2019, the World Health Organisation released its Healthy Housing guidelines. Core to these guidelines is the knowledge that improved housing conditions can save lives, prevent disease, increase quality of life, reduce poverty, and help mitigate climate change (WHO 2018). They pave the way internationally for governments to adopt healthy housing agendas that are evidenced based. What does this mean for an Australia that currently has no healthy housing agenda?

The National Health and Medical Research Council has funded a Centre of Research Excellence for Healthy Housing. This Centre will generate new evidence and drive a national healthy housing policy agenda. This talk will provide an overview of our emerging evidence base and present priorities for Australia to develop a healthy housing agenda.

Presenters: Professor Rebecca Bentley & Professor Emma Baker
Date & Time: Monday 18 October 11am-12pm
Via Zoom: Password: 347626

This seminar is hosted by the Centre for Health Policy at the University of Melbourne.

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