Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice goes online

Mark Giancaspro

Senior Lecturer Dr Mark Giancaspro,

Adelaide Law School

Following approval from the legal profession accrediting body (LPEAC), Adelaide Law School is now delivering an innovative online GDLP program alongside the traditional face-to-face program.

The Adelaide Law School’s GDLP program is run in conjunction with the Law Society of South Australia, the peak professional body representing South Australia’s legal profession.

Previously, only aspects of the GDLP courses were taught online supplemented with MyUni support with modules containing materials and information. Now, with some exceptions, entire courses in the GDLP will be taught online while still maintaining the interpersonal dynamic.

“The Adelaide GDLP gives you the best of both worlds, because you’ve got the oldest and most prestigious law school in South Australia working in conjunction with the peak regulatory body for the profession. It’s a wonderful combination because you’re getting literally the best of the best delivering the program.”Dr Mark Giancaspro, GDLP Program Coordinator at the Adelaide Law School.



Dauod Wahabzada, GDLP graduate

Students have praised the flexibility of the GDLP as a great way to balance their busy lives with study.

“One of the best things about the GDLP was the flexibility. You could finish the program at your own pace and you could choose what time your classes were. So especially when you are doing a placement or you’re already working or there’s other life commitments, it makes it so much less stressful.” – Dauod Wahabzada, GDLP graduate who works with Shine Lawyers.


Natalie El-Awar, GDLP graduate

“I undertook the program when I was working full-time, and I was able to choose classes that were after my working hours. It was highly convenient.” - Natalie El-Awar, GDLP graduate now working in the area of personal injury.

"For students already at the Adelaide Law School, the biggest benefit is you don’t have to go elsewhere. You can stay right here and it’s a natural transition from your undergraduate program to your graduate diploma. It’s a very seamless and convenient transition.” – Dr Giancaspro.

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