10-year Aboriginal Education Strategy

Researchers and CESA staff members stand together and smile.

Left to right: Dr Steve Corrie (Flinders University), Dr Sam Schulz (The University of Adelaide, project lead), Dr Faye Rosas Blanch (Flinders University), Mr Geoff Aufderheide (Education Advisor: Aboriginal Education, CESA), and Ms Mandy Cescato (Education for Inclusion, CESA)

Dr Sam Schulz from the School of Education led a team of researchers who were invited to present their Aboriginal Education Strategy Work to the statewide leadership team of Catholic Education South Australia (CESA).

The strategy work emerges from the research-consultancy entitled Re-Imagining Catholic Education for First Nations Sovereignty.

The 3-hour presentation covered all aspects of  the year-long project, led by Dr Schulz, which was warmly received by CESA. Mr Geoff Aufderheide, Education Advisor for Aboriginal Education CESA, notes, “feedback from those who attended has been exceptional.” To quote one principal… “the best report of its type I have read.”  

In addition to the 10-year Strategy, the research-consultancy led by Dr Schulz has produced a comprehensive Literature Review and Report, both freely available to download. This work adds to the decolonial work being carried out within the School of Education, and within the ARC Discovery Project in which Dr Schulz is a chief investigator: Culturally Responsive Schooling (DP 220100651).

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