Celebration of Nobel Prize in Literature anniversaries

Nobel Prize in Literature anniversaries

Patrick White and J.M. Coetzee (Patrick White image © 1963 Alex Poignant. If you are the rightsholder, please contact copyright@adelaide.edu.au)

A special lineup of authors – including J.M. Coetzee, Helen Garner and Christos Tsiolkas – will take part in a celebration hosted by the University of Adelaide commemorating the Nobel Prize in Literature anniversaries of J.M. Coetzee and Patrick White. 

Professor Anne Pender, Director of the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice at the University of Adelaide has organised the event to mark the anniversaries of the award of the Nobel Prize in Literature to J.M. Coetzee in 2003 and Patrick White in 1973. 

“Our program features writers visiting us from interstate, and highlights local writers, too,” she said. 

The celebration will take place over two days, and will feature four separate events consisting of readings, film talks, musical performances and two film screenings of adaptations of J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace and Patrick White’s The Eye of the Storm. The event location will be split across the historic Reading Room at the University’s Barr Smith Library and the Palace Nova Eastend Cinema. 

“It’s rare to have a celebration that combines creative practice in various forms, and we’re excited to deliver a program like this that combines film, music and writing together,” said Professor Pender. 

The work of authors J.M. Coetzee and Patrick White will be at the heart of the event, which will deliver readings and also screenings of films based on their work, alongside discussions with screenwriter, Anna Maria Monticelli, film director, Fred Schepisi and musician Paul Grabowsky.   

“It’s always intriguing to learn how different artists engage with books and written work, and how they find inspiration to adapt existing works into something new,” said Professor Pender. 

A program of music will also be performed at the historic Barr Smith Library’s Reading Room at the University of Adelaide. 

“A grand piano is being brought into the Reading Room especially for the event,” said Professor Pender. 

“It needs to be dismantled and brought in separate pieces to fit inside the lift, and then will be put back together once inside. It’s a process but will be worth it, as the Reading Room is such an inspiring space. It’s the perfect location for this special occasion.” 

To learn more about the series of events, read the event flyer here.  



Readings by J.M. Coetzee, Christos Tsiolkas, Helen Garner, Brian Castro, Patrick Flanery, Nicholas Jose and Kim Scott. 

Music by Anna Goldsworthy and Paul Grabowsky. 

Film talks by Anna-Maria Monticelli, Paul Grabowsky and Fred Schepisi followed by screenings of Disgrace (2008) and The Eye of the Storm (2011). 


9-10 November 2023, 1:30pm and 5:30pm each day 


Reading Room, Barr Smith Library, The University of Adelaide / Palace Nova Eastend Cinema 


Click here to reserve free in-person tickets. 

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