School of Social Sciences: 2023 Highlights

To wrap up 2023, the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics is reflecting on the year that was and featuring highlights from each school.

Head of School of Humanities, Professor Simone Dennis, says, "2023 has been a big year for the School of Social Sciences. With so many high achieving people in our School there are many accomplishments we’re proud of, but today we’re sharing just a few. While reflecting on our highlights from the year, it’s important to note a great deal of our success as a School is down to the fantastic Sarahs, who work so hard to support everything we want to do."

While there have been many achievements, we have selected just a few that demonstrate what a special year this was for School of Social Sciences students, staff, and alumni.

In no particular order:

  1. Geography PhD graduate, Dr Moleen Nand won the John Lewis Medal for Excellence. Dr Nand was supervised by Dr Douglas Bardsley and Dr Junho Suh. Read more.
  2. Dr Masaki Shibata and Dr. Tin Kei Wong almost broke the internet with their work on beach safety signage, right in time for summer! Read more.
  3. The School hosted its very first all-of-School prize evening where they celebrated student success with families, friends and generous donors - "all the people and support that make student success possible!"
  4. Porous Boundaries - "Our Porous Boundaries event flung open the front door of the social sciences to community, government and business groups in a warm invitation to work with us in our mission to produce public good. We will continue this mission in 2024, using some of the things we learned about from our guests at Porous Boundaries, while concurrently working hard to build our research environment to even loftier heights, something we will do as a tightknit team."
  5. Dr Hong Cai received a citation for outstanding contributions to student learning in the Australian Awards for University Teaching.
  6. Maggie Paul was one of 3 Faculty winners of the 3 Minute Thesis competition, and scooped up the People's Choice Award to boot! 
  7. The Australian Centre for Housing Research had huge media presence this year, highlighting their important work. This included Claire Morey having 2 papers published in journals with an impact factor of 10 or more relating to the mental health impacts of environmental exposures. Read more.
  8. Social Sciences’ Development Studies scored in the top 100 subject areas in the 2023 QS World University rankings.
  9. Professor Lisa Hill was made a Templeton Adam Smith Tercentenary Fellow. There are only eight of these very prestigious awards funded by the John Templeton Foundation.
  10. Dr Toby Freeman from the Stretton Institute was awarded $904,604 over two years through the MRFF 2022 Mental Health Research Grant to look at suicide prevention with a focus on work and unemployment factors. Read more.
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