2023 Australian eChallenge winners

The 2023 Australian eChallenge participants on stage, some are holding novelty cheques

The 2023 Australian eChallenge program came to a close last night; after 12 weeks of work, the top 10 finalist teams and innovators of the future pitched to a packed SkyCity Adelaide ballroom where $55,000 in cash and prizes was awarded!

We're so proud to announce the winners, 2nd prize winners, 3rd prize winners, Avonet Technologies sponsor award winners, and 3 finalist teams included ABLE students!

Amelie Parker and Fiona Goodsite (Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and Ahsan Chaudhry (Bachelor of Computer Science) won first prize with their AI Tutor, 'Tutbob'. The team built the tool, which is available as a Chrome extension, to help university students understand, engage with, and retain, lecture content.

Joshua Dunn (Bachelor of Commerce) and Kurt Thoeny (Bachelor of Business) were second prize winners with 'sportsgap'.

Amalia Polymiadis (Diploma of Arts) and Misaal Raza (Bachelor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship) were third prize winners with 'Roadside Revenue'.

Jaime Espinosa (Master of Immersive Media Technologies) won the Avonet Technologies sponsor award for 'Ancla Ventures'.

ABLE finalists included:

Smithers: Joseph Salcedo (Bachelor of Arts), Sebastian Cavlov and Jackson O’Leary (Bachelor of Commerce)

Bloker: Jinqi Dong (Ambrose): (Master of Business Analytics)

Physiokits: Daniel McCallum and Thomas Sekay (MBA Emerging Leaders)

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