School of Humanities 2024 Prize Event

A group of award recipients at the School of Humanities 2024 Prize Event

On Wednesday 8 May the School of Humanities held its annual student prize ceremony, where staff, students, and donors gather and celebrate student achievements.

Attendants enjoyed live music by Caleb Lavery-Brook and James Rawley before being officially welcomed by Head of School, Professor Mark Harris.

Thank you to donors including:

  • Nobel Laureate and Emeritus Professor John M Coetzee (JM Coetzee Prize)
  • Emeritus Professor Clem Macintyre (Heather Kerr Prize)
  • Rita, Vanessa, and Karen Lobban (The Paul Ian Lobban Prize in Honours English)
  • Helen and Tim Mares (Mares/Eaden Prize for Shakespearean and Early Modern English Literary Studies, Undergraduate)
  • Allan Johnston (Edith A Puddy Prize)
  • Associate Professor Ben McCann (Film Studies Prize)
  • Barbara D Wall (Charles Rischbieth Jury Poetry Prize)

English, Creative Writing, and Film Prizes, awarded by Professor Julian Murphet:

  • Brian Elliot Prize for Australian Literary Studies – Charlotte Minney
  • John Howard Clark Prize – Charlotte Minney
  • Title of John Howard Clark Scholar – Jacob Sunter
  • Byard Prize – Laura Kate Woithe
  • Sir Archibald Strong Memorial Prize for Literature – Archie Smith
  • The John Harvey Finlayson Prize for Creative Writing – Alex Diduk
  • The Paul Ian Lobban Prize in Honours English – Amy Fischli
  • Vera May Swift Prize for Honours English – Amy Fischli
  • Tormore Prize (Joint Winners) – Eleni Mavraidi and Livinia Xia-Bednikov
  • Colin Horne Memorial Prize – Ruby Stefanucci
  • Edith Hübbe and Harriet Cook Prize – Catherine Lloyd
  • Charles Rischbieth Jury Poetry Prize – Verity Oswin
  • Heather Kerr Prize in Postgraduate English – Jacob Sunter
  • JM Coetzee Prize – Amy Fischli
  • Mares-Eaden Prize for Shakespearean and Elizabethan Studies (Undergraduate) – Laura Kate Woithe

European Languages and Linguistics Prizes, awarded by Associate Professor Ben McCann

  • Film Studies Prize – Adela Teubner
  • Christine Horton Prize (Joint Winners) – Navya Singh and Damien McInerney
  • Edith A. Puddy Prize – Talia Robinson
  • Hope Crampton Prize in French – Navya Singh
  • M Rees George Memorial Prize – Jasmine Miller

Discipline of German Studies Prizes, awarded by Dr Simon Walsh

  • Weimar-Ohlstrom Prize for German II – Ziyi Wang
  • Weimar-Ohlstrom Prize for German III – Jack Manning
  • A J Schulz Prize for German Culture [Level II] – Ziyi Wang
  • A J Schulz Prize for German Culture [Level III] – Jack Manning
  • A J Schulz German SACE Prize – Lily Watters
  • Goethe Institut Prize for German Studies [Level I] – Tamika Gunson
  • Geothe Institut Prize for German Studies [Level II] (Joint Winners) – Pahlavonjon Odilov and Anika Ganama
  • Goethe Institut Prize for German Studies [Level III] – Jack Manning
  • Goethe Institut Prize for German Studies [Advanced German] – Tahlia Williams
  • The Constantine Trypanis Prize – Sylvain Talbot

Historical and Classical Studies Prizes, awarded by Professor Amanda Nettelbeck

  • The Tinline Prize – Liam Horwood
  • Lynda Tapp Prize in Honours History – Liam Horwood
  • Lynda Tapp Prize in History [Best Essay] – Yeongyeon Kim
  • Lynda Tapp Prize in History [Highest Mark] – Anthony Zougras
  • John F Kennedy Memorial Scholarship – Anthony Zougras
  • Natalia Davies Prize – Tara Marshall
  • George Cockburn Henderson Prize – Sophie Thomson
  • The Australian Archaeology Essay Prize – Ella Cook
  • Hazel Nankivell Prize – Charli James
  • Andrew Scott Prize for Latin – Charli James
  • Barr Smith Prize for Greek – Charli James
  • Robin Lea Roberts Prize for Roman/Latin Studies – Susan Lamb

Digital Humanities Prizes, awarded by Dr Aaron Humphrey
Springer Nature Prize in Digital Humanities – Jason Storer

Philosophy Prizes, awarded by Dr Jon Opie
Professor Sir William Mitchell Essay Prize – Joseph Agnello


Photos by Mr Ethan Schoemaker.

Attendants network at the School of Humanities 2024 Prize Event
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