Assoc Prof Mathew White: Speaking on Wellbeing. Upper Canada College in Toronto

Scott Cowie, Mathew White, Sam McKinney

L to R Scott Cowie, Dean of Student Life and Wellbeing,  Upper Canada College; Associate Professor Mathew White from the University of Adelaide and Sam McKinney, 19th Principal of Upper Canada College.

Associate Professor Mathew White invited to speak at Upper Canada College in Toronto on Wellbeing.

Associate Professor Mathew White travelled to Toronto Canada from 27 - 31 August 2018 to consult at Upper Canada College (UCC) on the wellbeing strategy at the invitation of the Principal, Sam McKinney. At Upper Canada College Mathew facilitated an all-employee conference focusing on the why, what and how of wellbeing in education and met with Senior Leaders and key staff across the College.

Founded in 1829, Upper Canada College has educated the next generation of Canadian leaders and innovators, inspiring them to make a positive impact on their world. It is a member of the G30 group of schools - the world's leading educational institutions. Under the leadership of University of Adelaide Alumnus, Sam McKinney, who is the Principal of UCC the College has set a course for the next decade — leading to the College’s bicentennial — through its Strategic Directions: Towards 2029.

This renewed vision and mission hinges on the intention to provide transformational learning experiences and inspire boys to be their best selves. A team of staff from Upper Canada College visited the University of Adelaide to meet with Professor Faye McCallum and Associate Professor White in March 2018.

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