Master of Education

Master of Education

The Master of Education is for practicing educators who either want to pursue leadership careers, or examine and challenge their current teaching practice.

Our vision is to graduate scholarly educators who can lead learning across local, national and global contexts. The degree explores research with one of Australia's leading educational research institutes.

The Master of Education provides multiple specialisation pathways including leadership and wellbeing, digital education and research. Our research degrees are open to a broad range of areas, offering projects ranging from the exploration of virtual reality and mobile learning, to global education issues regarding refugees and wellbeing. If you are interested in educational development, consider furthering your research career with us.

You will have the opportunity to work with many of the School of Education’s world-class researchers, enabling you to gain expertise in your field of interest and make a real impact on the world's most challenging educational problems.

This flexible degree focuses on four specialisations and electives designed to meet your professional learning needs:

  • Educational Leadership and Wellbeing
  • English Language Teaching (ELT/TESOL)
  • Research

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Imogen Misan, Master of Education student

“The University’s ranking in the top 1% of Universities worldwide speaks to its impressive plethora of research and innovation, and I knew I would be in the hands of experienced professors and tutors with unique educational research backgrounds. One year into this Master’s degree I can say this has certainly been the case.”

Imogen Misan, Master of Education student

Ben Heathcote

"I have really enjoyed learning about both research and practical strategies that will support me to thrive as an educator and leader in the "post" covid world. What has been most interesting as a leader is that this course has provided practical professional development that can be implemented in my role"

Ben Heathcote, Master of Education (Leadership and Innovation)

Dal Bahadur Surnar, Master of Education student from Nepal

“My relationship with the professors is an invaluable part of my time studying here – they encourage and support me in my study so I can achieve good marks. After I graduate, I would like to contribute to educational policy interventions in my country and help train head teachers to improve the education system in Nepal.”

Dal Bahadur Surnar, Master of Education student from Nepal

Asirah, Master of Education graduate 2020

“Internationally the University of Adelaide is recognised for its reputation and quality of education. There are many specialisations offered and available to international students like myself and the course structures are thorough, challenging and comprehensive.”

Asirah, Master of Education graduate 2020

Master of Education student Emily Monaghan explains what she learns at the University of Adelaide during a global pandemic and how it supports her in her education career.

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