Professional Experience Placements

Practical experience in schools is vital for developing excellent teachers. As part of our curriculum, we have integrated practical experience placements in each year to develop practical teaching skills as early as possible. We are always actively seeking new affiliations with high schools in both metropolitan and country schools with the aim of growing long-lasting partnerships. We encourage you to reach out and engage with the School of Education to discuss your partnership opportunity.

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Industry strategic partnerships

A significant part of our work is supporting quality professional experience, focusing on strengthening links with schools and wider industry. We engage with our partners in a variety of ways to help them achieve their goals and objectives. We work cooperatively to advance mutual interests in research, learning and teaching.

Be a part of our alumni

Be a part of our alumni

Are you alumnus of the School of Education? You are considered an alumnus if you have graduated, completed at least one year of study, or if you are a former academic or professional staff member who completed at least three years of service. This means you are a part of a distinguished network and have the opportunity to receive professional support throughout your career. To find out more about how to get involved with the alumni network, engage with the University’s alumni service.

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Give to the next generation of teachers

Give to the next generation of teachers

By giving to the University, you are making a valued impact within our community. There are many ways to support our students’ learning experience, such as providing funds for a scholarship or financially contributing to educational research.

Scholarships attract high-calibre students from Australia and abroad, acting act as a catalyst for students to strive for excellence in their studies. Scholarship opportunities also support students who might otherwise be unable to take up a university place or complete their study due to financial or educational disadvantages.

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