Teacher Education

Teacher Education is fundamental to educational outcomes across multiple sectors. We investigate the role of different approaches to teacher education from multiple perspectives.

Teacher Education

Researcher focus

  • What are the most effective methods of assessment?
  • What are the best methods of evaluating outcomes?
  • How can sophisticated measurement techniques enable the development and evaluation of positive school-based outcomes?

Lead researchers

Highlighted projects

  • Student Performance in Science and Mathematics: A Comparative Study of Five South East Asian Countries
  • Psychosocial Needs and their Effect on Refugee Children and Young Adults in Australia, Italy and Indonesia
  • Teaching how to learn: promoting self-regulated learning in STEM classes
  • International validation of Beliefs about Teaching and Learning (BALT) instrument 
  • The Interaction between Autonomy and Assessment

Available projects

  • Factors influencing Student Performance in Science and Mathematics
  • Assessment and the Measurement of Student Achievement, Progress, and Attitude
  • Assessment for Graduate Teaching (AfGT)
  • Preservice Teacher Practices in Preparation for Classroom Readiness 
  • Rural Education and Preservice Engagement
  • Cross National and Comparative Studies based on Large Scale Assessment Data