Welcome Dr Steven Stolz to the School of Education

Dr Steven Stolz

The School of Education is excited to welcome Dr Steven Stolz, Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research) and Program Director of the Master of Teaching degree.

Brief academic biography:   

Steven Stolz, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research) and Program Director of the Master of Teaching at The University of Adelaide, Australia. Before he became an academic, he taught for 10 years as a secondary school teacher in the following curriculum areas: mathematics, science, religious education, humanities, social science, health and physical education. He also has a background in analytical and continental traditions of philosophy, and this has led to a diverse array of research interests that range from: epistemology, phenomenology, embodied cognition, ethics or applied ethics, narrative inquiry, psychology, virtue and character development.

At the moment, his primary area of scholarship is concerned with educational philosophy and theory, but he also has a particular interest in the cultivation of the intellectual virtues, the application of embodied cognition in educational contexts, the use of narrative or stories to make sense of human experience, and how phenomenology can be used in educational research.

His scholarship is best described as being located at the intersection between theory and practice, particularly how theory informs practice, and/or how practice informs theory. Recent publications of note include Theory and Philosophy in Education Research: Methodological Dialogues (Routledge), MacIntyre, Rationality and Education: Against Education of Our Age (Springer), and Measuring Up in Education: Philosophical Explorations for Justice and Democracy Within and Beyond Cultures of Measurement in Educational Systems (Routledge).

Steven’s higher education teaching experience covers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses that have been delivered in different modes (i.e. face-to-face, to blended, to online) across multiple campuses.

He is a registered principal supervisor, with EdD and PhD completions, and an active researcher with an ambitious research agenda. At the moment, he is the Convenor of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Special Interest Group (SIG):  Educational Theory and Philosophy.

Steven has received various academic awards and distinctions over his career, such as a Research Excellence Award (mid-career) in 2017, an Emerging Researcher Award in 2013, and has been a visiting scholar at the following institutions: The University of Stirling (UK), The University of New Orleans (USA), The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA), and The University of Edinburgh (UK).

For more information regarding Stevens current research, publications, awards and professional activities and memberships, please click on his Researcher ProfileClick Here

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