Four new Research Publications from School of Education academics.

On Monday 26th July 2021, the School of Education hosted the launching of four recent publications. This event was held online and with attendees both nationally and internationally.

Professor Anton Middelberg, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice President (Research), of the University of Adelaide, was our honoured guest who launched the following books. These four publications make a valuable contribution to evidence-based research and theoretical developments in education policy, philosophy of education, teacher education, professional development of teachers, education assessment and evaluation, and of course teacher and student wellbeing.”

The Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching: Connecting Sophisticated Thinking from Early Childhood to PhD by Dr John Willison.  

The Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching, or MELT as used in the book, provides a practical philosophy for promoting students’ sophisticated thinking from Early Childhood to PhD in ways that explicitly interconnect across the years of education.

Critical Perspectives on Teaching, Learning and Leadership: Enhancing Educational Outcomes edited by Associate Professor Mathew A. White and Professor Faye McCallum.

The book is an outcome from one of the School of Education’s research groups, ‘Enhancing Education Outcomes’. It focuses on factors impacting teacher preparation during an era of change and critique, including student learning, academic growth, classroom practice, teachers’ efficacy, teacher wellbeing and school leadership.

Wellbeing and Resilience Education: COVID-19 and Its Impact on Education edited by Associate Professor Mathew A. White and Professor Faye McCallum.

Wellbeing and Resilience Education engages with the immediate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the theoretical and applied elements of wellbeing and resilience education worldwide.

With thirteen chapters written by 27 academics worldwide, it includes new transdisciplinary research by organisational psychologists, neuroscientists, policy experts and education researchers.

The Body, Embodiment, and Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach edited by Dr Steven A. Stolz

With chapters from international experts in philosophy, sociology, and psychology and emerging areas in related fields, such as embodied cognition, neuroscience, and cognitive science, this book seeks to set a new research agenda in education and educational research.

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