Curriculum, Pedagogy and Policy

We foster and advance engagement with all aspects of the foundational disciplines of curriculum design, philosophy and sociology in the service of education and educational research. We investigate how these foundational disciplines contribute to educational practice and research.

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Policy

This research focus group informs research in the areas of educational policy, curriculum theory, the politics of education, educational history and higher education. We address significant and emerging educational questions and issues using the unique insights afforded by foundational disciplines like philosophy, sociology, politics and social science.

Lead researchers

Current projects

  • Enhancing Initial Teacher Education through an Interdisciplinary Approach to Effective Pedagogical Practices 

Available projects

  • The Body, Embodiment, and Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Education, Truth, and Wisdom in an Age of Fake News and Lies
  • Phenomenology, Embodied Subjectivity, and Embodiment in Educational Research
  • Cognitive Load Theory and Gesturing
  • Cognitive Load Theory and Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Cognitive Load Theory in the Classroom