What You Will Need To Become A Teacher

Inherent Requirements

Inherent Requirements  are a guide to the practical, physical and cognitive and personal capabilities required when working as a teacher. Students are required to consider the inherent requirements and determine if they confidently meet them before undertaking a career in teaching. Reasonable adjustments will be made for students with a disability.

  • Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) known as 'the test'

    The Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) is a compulsory test for all Pre-service Teachers who have enrolled in a teaching degree and is required for Teacher Registration in South Australia (and elsewhere in Australia). Both the Literacy and Numeracy requirements must be passed for graduation.

    Pre-service Teachers are strongly encouraged to complete LANTITE as early as possible in the degree; preferably in the first year of the degree.

    When a Pre-service Teacher has successfully completed each component of the test, evidence of this record will appear on an Academic Transcript.

    When to take 'the test'

    • Bachelor of Teaching students:
      We recommend the LANTITE be completed prior to the commencement of the third year. 
    • Master of Teaching students:
      We recommend LANTITE be completed prior to the start of the second year.
    • Pre-2019 Bachelor and Master of Teaching students:
      You must pass both components of the LANTITE prior to graduation. However, we recommend you sit ‘the test’ as early as possible.

    Financial support

    To financially support you in the process of sitting ‘the test’, from 2019 the University of Adelaide will reimburse the fee associated with your successful completion of the Literacy component of the LANTITE. To request a reimbursement, you will need to follow these instructions

    Further information

    For more information, including test dates plus how to register and prepare, visit the ACER website.

    LANTITE homepage  LANTITE Support Guide 

  • Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care

    To help identify some of the risks experienced by children and young people, all Education students in professional placement need to complete mandatory notification training. This training is called ‘Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care’ (RRHAN-EC). 

    Before being allocated to a placement school, all students need to complete the following RRHAN-EC modules:

    1. Fundamentals is a free, online, self-directed course that takes about two hours to complete;
    2. Masterclass is a 4 hour facilitator-led workshop in person or on videoconference. Cost varies by training provider. 

    Successfully completing the RRHAN-EC Fundamentals training is a pre-requisite for the Masterclass.

    To complete both trainings you will need to create an account called Plink. Please go to; https://www.plink.sa.edu.au/pages/external-dashboard.jsf?menuId=1104&locale=en-GB#/?dashboardId=6

    In Plink, you will need to choose the ‘Masterclass and fundamentals for NEW staff or staff with expired certificate: RRHAN-EC’ (other) to complete the Fundamentals and then book and pay for a Masterclass session.

    For further assistance, please contact the Department for Education via email: Education.RRHANEC@sa.gov.au

    Transition arrangements

    1. If you completed the Promoting Safety and Wellbeing with a certificate expiring 31 Dec 2024, this can be used in place of the RRHAN-EC Fundamentals. You still need to complete the RRHAN-EC Masterclass. 

      The Department for Education has indicated that whilst the Fundamentals is not compulsory for students who have completed the Promoting Safety and Wellbeing with an expiry of 31 December 2024 it is highly recommended that you do complete the Fundamentals course as it is an updated training based on revised legislation and policy context and flows better with the Masterclass. 
    2. If you completed the Promoting Safety and Wellbeing with a certificate that expired 31 December 2021 you will need to complete both the RRHAN-EC Fundamentals and RRHAN-EC Masterclass.
    3. If you have a current RAN-EC full-day training certificate from 2018 to 2020 cycle and completed the RRHAN-EC Fundamentals course before 31 December 2021, you are not required to complete the RRHAN-EC Masterclass. In Sonia, you can upload your RAN-EC certificate in the space for RRHAN-EC Masterclass and upload your RRHAN-EC Fundamentals certificate in the space for RRHAN-EC Fundamentals.
    4. If you have a current RAN-EC full-day training certificate from 2018 to 2020 cycle but did not complete the Fundamentals course by the end of 31 December 2021, you will need to complete both Fundamentals & Masterclass regardless of whether you have a valid RAN-EC. 
    5. If you have a current RAN-EC full-day training certificate from 1 January 2021 and 30 June 2021, an update prior to 31 December 2021 is not required. The 7 hour course you completed is valid until 31 December 2024. Please upload your certificate for both the RRHAN-EC Fundamentals Course and the RRHAN-EC Masterclass in SONIA.

    For more information about transition arrangements, please refer to this RRHAN-EC flowchart.

  • WWCC clearance

    All pre-service teachers are required to undertake a Working with Children Check, screening through the South Australian Department of Human Services (DHS) to ensure you are able to work with children. Processing can take up to eight weeks and must be completed prior to commencing your first mandatory placement. If a student does not satisfy the Working with Children Check screening, the student will not be able to undergo their mandatory placements and will be ineligible to graduate. The School of Education will initiate your screening upon enrolment to the Bachelor of Teaching or Master of Teaching degrees.

  • Current COVID-19 vaccination advice for pre-service teachers

    The Emergency Management Direction requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccination to work in an education or early childhood setting ended at 12.01am Thursday 31 March 2022.  

    Effective Wednesday 24 April 2024

    Due to the dynamic nature of COVID-19 regulations, the School of Education has decided to waive the requirement for compliance in this regard. Henceforth, it is no longer necessary to fulfill this obligation through the Sonia Placement System. 

    Nonetheless, it remains imperative that you adhere strictly to the COVID-19 policies stipulated by your designated placement school(s) during your placement(s). 

    If you have any concerns about these requirements, please immediately contact the School of Education’s Professional Experience Placement Team at soe_placements@adelaide.edu.au