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Have you ever considered studying overseas? Did you know there are many overseas experiences available to students in the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law & Economics?

Study overseas with the Faculty of Arts

As a student of the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law & Economics, you have the opportunity to experience study in many different global experiences.

There are many options to consider, including an exchange with one of our partner universities, a short-term trip or, you could even organise your own experience.

Where can I study?

Through the University of Adelaide's prestigious global network, you can undertake a study overseas experience at one of the many exchange partners all around the world. Explore the interactive map below to see the global exchange partner institutions you can visit.

  • Am I eligible?

    The exchange program is open to all current undergraduate and postgraduate students, subject to eligibility.

    Undergraduate students can apply as early as your second semester, first year. Postgraduate students can apply in their first semester of their master’s program.

    All student eligibility requirements:

    • Students must have a minimum GPA of 4.5 by the end of the study period in which they apply for exchange.
    • Students must be on track to complete 9 units of study by the end of the semester in which they are applying, with 18 units to be completed by the time they start their exchange.
    • If a student has already participated in an exchange, they must complete at least one semester of study back at Adelaide before departing on this exchange.

    Program specific requirements:

    • Students must complete their capstone requirements (including research courses) on campus at Adelaide, these cannot be taken on exchange. For more information on the capstone requirements of your program, please see the University Calendar.
    • Bachelor of Laws students must complete 24 credits towards their Law Degree before departure. Law students also can only undertake their Law or Open Electives on exchange, core courses must be taken on campus.

    For further eligibility criteria and important information please visit the Study Overseas website.

  • What does it cost?

    Tuition fees are waived by the host institution, allowing you to continue to take advantage of your tuition arrangements at home, while having an amazing, immersive overseas experience.

    Visit the funding page to see what financial assistance could be available to you through OS-Helpgrants or through scholarships (eligibility criteria applies).

  • How does the credit transfer process work?

    Your overseas transcript will be sent from your host institution to the Study Overseas office (this can take several months).

    Study Overseas will then forward your transcript to the Faculty of Arts for the credit transfer processing.

    If you do not notice the credit transfer within four weeks of receiving your transcript from your host university, please contact the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law & Economics

  • Academic Credit Arrangements Policy

    Credit for your study exchange is awarded in accordance with the University’s Academic Credit Arrangements Policy.

    It is your responsibility to ensure any global experience you wish to undertake is eligible to be counted towards your degree’s academic requirements. In the case of electives, approval will still need to be obtained to ensure the courses are equivalent to your University of Adelaide courses.

    You should review both your study plan and program rules for further information. 

I was lucky enough to spend three weeks doing a short-term exchange at Aalto University Business School in Mikkeli, Finland.These experiences have greatly helped me develop my interpersonal skills, made me much more culturally aware, and have resulted in friendships that will last for a lifetime. Combining my Commerce degree with an international exchange has not only made me grow as a person, but has also provided me with a point of difference when applying for graduate positions.

Elizabeth Salter

Elizabeth Salter

Bachelor of Commerce, Exchange with Aalto University Business School

How to apply

  • Step 1: Understand how an exchange will fit in your Study Plan

    Ensure any global experience you wish to undertake is eligible to be counted towards your degree’s academic requirements.

    Study Plans are a useful guide to help plan your enrolment each year.  For any enquires regarding your study plan, please contact the Professions Support Hub team.

    Use the map and Look-up tool above, alongside your study plan to explore your possibilities for exchange.

  • Step 2: Apply via Student Mobility Applicant Registration Tool (SMART)

    Once you have an idea of where and what you wish to study on exchange, apply through the Student Mobility Applicant Registration Tool (SMART).

    As part of your application, you must first request approval through the Faculty Pre-Approval questionnaire in SMART. This is where we are notified of your intention to undertake an exchange and assess whether it is viable for you to go on exchange within your program of study (i.e. if you have space in your current program). We also flag any issues (if there are any).

  • Step 3: Request Faculty Approval

    Once you have been offered a place at a partner institution, you can begin choosing courses to study on exchange. To find this information please visit the Study Overseas website and navigate to the 'Academics' page of your institution to find the information relating to courses that are available to take.

    Professions students are then required to attend a compulsory information session around the next steps and how to complete your Faculty Approval. The date and time of this session will be emailed to all students.

    After the session you will start to fill in the Faculty Approval (Study Plan) section of your online SMART application, and include the following details for each course you wish to receive approval for:

    • Name of overseas course (including course number)
    • Value of overseas course (in ECTS, credits or units)
    • What type of credit (either Adelaide core courses or electives) you wish to receive for the course (include credit level)
    • URL or PDF of the host institution's course outline (must be provided for each course otherwise an assessment cannot be processed)

    You are responsible for finding and proposing what courses you study while on exchange, also for overseas timetables and eligibility for courses at your host institution.

    Please note: If you are unable to find the course outline on the host institution's website or through the Study Overseas country profile email the Study Overseas team requesting the course outlines for the subjects you are seeking approval. Course guides are usually updated quite close to when students depart and may have to base your course choice on the previous year's offerings.

    Faculty Approval requires 4 or more weeks for completion.

  • Step 4: Enrol in your Exchange course(s)

    You will need to enrol in the exchange course(s), found under EXCHANGE in the University of Adelaide Course Planner, to the value of your approved study in semester(s) in which you will be overseas. You will be communicated your enrolment requirements through your Faculty Approval Questionnaire in SMART.

    Please enrol in accordance with the critical dates for the relevant semester(s).

  • Step 5: Receive your Credit Transfer (Post Exchange)

    At the conclusion of your exchange, your academic transcript will be sent directly to the University of Adelaide. If you receive an exchange transcript direct from your host university, send it directly to Study Overseas for verification.

    You will be notified via email once the we have received your transcript via email from the Study Overseas team. In the following 2-3 weeks, you will then receive credit from your completed exchange enrolments in line with your Faculty Approval.

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