Research Seminar: Evidence-based eLearning Design

Presenter David Isaacson

This study contributes a new prototype software instrument called Cognitive Load Evaluation Management System (CLEMS) that engages research findings from Cognitive Load Theory as a theoretical framework and evidence-based standard for supporting educators in evaluating and improving learning design. 

CLEMS adopts a personalised model of learning that uses digital technologies to support and monitor learners to overcome learning barriers and attain higher levels of understanding of complex knowledge. It addresses a need in supporting the evaluation of learning design quality using evidence based strategies. The study was conducted using a Design-based research methodology and Critical Realism ontological framework.
Dr David Isaacson lives with his family and two cats in Melbourne. He completed his PhD at the University of Adelaide in 2021. He works as an educational and corporate consultant in business analysis, training, learning design and software design, while he continues to conduct educational research. 
He started his career as a classical guitar teacher, completing his research M.Mus at University of Cape Town that focused on developing a digital system to support music reading skills. 
He then retrained as an ICT specialist school teacher and Apple Technician while teaching in New Zealand. 
After migrating to Australia in 2005 he specialised in working with learning technologies and eLearning.  
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