Awards, Prizes, Outstanding Teachers and Students 2020

The School of Education was honoured to celebrate our outstanding Students and Mentor Teachers from our partnership schools in 2020.

The School of Education is proud to acknowledge our outstanding pre-service teachers in various categories and recognise many of our mentor teachers and schools that support the Professional Experience program.

The School of Education thanks the Mentor Teachers who have hosted our final year Bachelor of Teaching and Master of Teaching pre-service teachers. We thank the mentor teachers for hosting our pre-service teachers, generously sharing their knowledge and experience, and supporting them.  2020 has been a year of challenges for students and teachers across the teaching community. Feedback from our pre-service teachers tells us about the resilience shown by teachers to ensure their students learning continued despite the challenges, and the strength of school communities.

In the lead-up to the awards, the teaching students had the opportunity to nominate their Mentor Teacher for an award. The panel this year received 64 teacher nominations in the categories of “Knowledge”, “Support”, “Inspiration”, “Wellbeing” and “Role Model”. 5 teachers were honoured for their outstanding contributions towards mentoring our pre-service teachers.

Winners for each category are:

Knowledge: the Mentor Teacher who demonstrated a wealth of information on all aspects of teaching; Kathryn Sutton, Mount Gambier High School

Role-model: the Mentor Teacher who modelled all the attributes, beliefs, and qualities desired in an education professional; Theo Papazolglov, Adelaide Botanic High School

Support: the Mentor Teacher who showed support above and beyond what was expected of them; Emma Toker, Thomas More College

Wellbeing: the Mentor Teacher who provided extraordinary care; Faith Brohier, Brighton Secondary School

Inspiration: the Mentor Teacher who fuelled the student teacher’s passion for the teaching profession; Martin Gabb, St Peter’s College

Student Awards:

The South Australian Teaching Associations, Education SA, and Credit Union SA recognise our outstanding pre-service teachers by awarding the most outstanding high achievers.

We also recognise the following donors who generously support pre-service teachers: Mr Peter Routley (PH Routley Award) and the Patten Family (Anthony Patten Master of Education Award).

Prizes and Scholarships

Anthony Patten Master of Education Award: Imogen Misan

Education SA, World Teachers Day Award: Hannah Lally

P.H Routley Award: Hannah Patterson and Tao Huang

Esther Burns Scholarship: Ryan Barber and Tao Huang

Schulz Postgraduate Award for Education: Jacqui McCann

Australian Education Union: presented by Laura Golding to Ebony Brouwers

Credit Union SA Award: Ryan Barber and Alexandra Gavrilidis

Teaching Association Awards

This year the following awards were given to the top student in each discipline area:

South Australian English Teacher Association (SAETA): Shannen Thede (Senior English)

South Australian English Teacher Association (SAETA): Claire Parker (English years 8-10)

Geography Teachers Association South Australia (GTASA): Emily Gilbert

History Teachers Association South Australia (HTASA): Alexandra Gavrilidis (Senior History)

History Teachers Association South Australia (HTASA): Ellen Daly (History years 8-10)

English to Speakers of Other Languages (SATEASOL): Levin Romarate

Modern Languages Teacher Association (MLTASA): Jessica Middleditch

Mathematics Association South Australia (MASA): Angus Weller (Senior Mathematics)

Mathematics Association South Australia (MASA): Afshan Sheikh (Mathematics years 8-10)

Australian Association for Music Education (ASME): Sarah Dodd

South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA): Alicia Pollett (Science)

South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA): Carmen Cabrera Jimenez (Science Studies)

South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA): Jack Stewart (Biology)

South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA): Ebony Brouwers (Chemistry)

South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA): Emily March (Physics)

South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA): Alexandra Gavrilidis (Psychology)
Top student Business Studies: Jaimee Trewartha

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