Adelaide Fringe Show "Electric Dreams" Success

Electric Dreams has just announced the success of their 2023 season at the Adelaide Fringe. Five of their shows received awards including work.txt (BankSA Best Film and Digital, Interactive Award) and Temping (Weekly award for Best Film and Digital or Interactive).  Both shows were hosted by the University of Adelaide with venues organised by Toni Pihodnya and Edward Palmer.

The University of Adelaide also hosted the Electric Dreams Conference, which was another incredibly inspiring and informative day and sparked collaborative and passionate conversation between some of the most talented artists, storytellers and technologists from around the world.  The Faculty of Arts, Business, Law & Economics were a key sponsor for this conference, in collaboration with UniSA and Flinders University and organised by Edward Palmer, leading to round table meetings with the UK consulate and the SA Government on technology and creativity.

With the Fringe celebrating a record-breaking one million tickets sold, The University of Adelaide were proud to be part of that experience.

Electric Dreams Conference Panel
Electric Dreams Conference Chair
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