School of Education Researchers Present at the 2022 Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference

The Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) returns to a face-to-face conference for the first time in two years. School of Education Researchers and PhD candidates are presenting at the 2022 Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference between 27 November – 1 December in Adelaide. This year’s conference theme investigates the topic of Transforming the Future of Education: The Role of Research and is co-hosted at UniSA.

Below are the details of University of Adelaide academics and PhD candidates presenting:

  • Addressing the impacts of COVID-19 in higher education in Australia: Results of a systematic literature review 
    Associate Professor Edward Palmer, Dr Thomas Wanner, Associate Professor Jennifer Charteris, 
  • At the Nexis of Schooling: The Conflict Between 'Special' and 'Inclusive' Education
    Dr Joanna Anderson, Dr Angela Page, Professor Chris Boyle
  • Moderation within and across institutions in the AfGT Consortium: The why, the how and the what next?
    Dr Damian Maher, Dr Kim Keamy, Ms Katina Tan, Associate Professor Mathew White, Dr Val Morey, Dr Wayne Cotton, Dr Janet Clinton
  • Building a sustainable pipeline of high-quality teachers: Policy implications and Preservice Teachers' Perspectives of a Teacher Performance Assessment
    Associate Professor Mathew White, Dr Lynda MacLeod, Dr Brendan Bentley
  • Quality teacher debate, policy background and intention of the Teacher Performance Assessment
    Dr Lynda MacLeod
  • An Exploration of the Quality Teachers Debate, Teaching Performance Assessments, and the implications from the Quality Initial Teacher Education Review
    Associate Professor Mathew White
  • Preservice teacher perceptions of the benefits and efficacy of undertaking a TPA to measure classroom readiness and competence while undertaking final professional experience placement
    Dr Brendan Bentley
  • Memory and Narrative Templates in history education: The case of Singapore
    Dr Rachel Bleeze, Dr Yeow-Tong Chia
  • ​​​​​​​National Collective Perspective on Professional Experience
    Dr Brendan Bentley, Professor Susan Ledger, Associate Professor Matthew Winslade, Dr Chad Morrison, Associate Professor Chris Morrissey, Mrs Sandi Fielder, Dr Claire Bartlett, Mrs Alison Hilton, Dr Michelle Parks, Mrs Kathryn Dehle, Dr Tania Leach, Ms Anita Wheeldon, Ms Jackie Thomson, Mr Brent Willsmore and Dr Linda Westphalen
  • Mentor Teacher Participation in Professional Experience: Implications and Considerations of Rapid Workforce Change
    Dr Chad Morrison, Alison Hilton, Dr Claire Bartlett, Associate Professor Chris Morrissey, Dr Michelle Parks, Dr Brendan Bentley, Mrs Sandi Fielder, Mrs Kathryn Dehle, and Professor Susan Ledger
  • Rural placements in times of dislocation.
    Dr Brendan Bentley, Dr Jackie Thomson, Brent Willsmore, Dr Claire Bartlett, and Dr Linda Westphalen
  • Reimagining professional experience in the modern world?
    Dr Matthew Winslade, Professor Susan Ledger and Dr Brendan Bentley
  • Sekolah vs. Madrasah: Gaps in Learning Behaviours, Wellbeing, and Their Impact on Achievement
    Mr Abu Nawas, Dr Igusti Darmawan and Dr Nina Maadad
  • Interdisciplinary Climate Education with the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching: ICE MELT
    Dr John Willison
  • Pre-service Teacher Action Research Skill Development: the second Spiral
    Dr John Willison and Dr Shauna Hockley
  • Equality and education: a metaphysical analysis
    Dr Steven Stolz and Dr Maurizio Toscano
  • Unpacking some dilemmas of the culturally responsive school
    Dr Stephen Kelly, Professor Robert Hattam, Ms Abigail Diplock, Professor Weili Zhao, Dr Nadeem Memon, Professor Michalinos Zembylas, Professor Catherine Manathunga

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