Research seminar: Teachers' research thinking

Dr John Willison

Dr John Willison

In a world of unpredictable change, we need preservice and in-service school teachers and university educators who can respond dynamically to students’ diverse needs and the evolving demands on their lives.

In this seminar, research thinking is used as an umbrella term for the raft of skills associated with such responsive teaching. Research thinking is needed so that teachers are both able to react quickly to contingencies as well as systematically adapt their practice through consolidation and change. Research thinking can help Preservice Teachers, In-Service Teachers, and University Educators to consolidate, change and connect, especially if they share a common conceptualisation about this thinking.

This seminar outlines the need for teachers’ research thinking, presents a framework that articulates this thinking and depicts examples of what teacher research thinking looks like in the classroom.

Dr John Willison has twenty five years of experience in formal education, and throughout that time has been most enthralled in how to help students to engage in research-based learning, beginning with Year 8 classes, where he strived to make science laboratories hands-on and minds-on.

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