Evening Concert - Academy Trio


Madeline Melrose  violin
Joseph Freer  cello
Kenan Henderson  piano

Haydn Piano Trio No.44 in E major, Hob.XV/28
Smetana Piano Trio in G minor, Op.15

When composing a piece of music, one of the hardest questions to answer is: how do I start? In Haydn’s piano trio, he answers this question in a peculiar way – starting with pizzicatos in the strings. The melodic lines between the strings and piano then develop throughout, resulting in an exuberant piece of music. Smetana’s piano trio, in which all three movements are unusually in G Minor, was inspired by tragedy. In the year 1855, he celebrated the birth of his third daughter, but also found himself mourning the deaths of his first daughter in 1854 and second daughter in 1855. The work was dedicated to his eldest daughter – it is filled with nostalgia and deep emotional longing.

Concert Series 2022
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