Open Music Academy

The Open Music Academy gives the community the opportunity to experience the world-class music resources at the Elder Conservatorium of Music.


The Open Music Academy (OMA) throws open the doors to ‘the Con’, Australia's oldest tertiary music school and one of the nation's top music institutions. Providing access to the leading music educators, musicians, composers, visiting artists and events of the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

The OMA program is designed to inspire and challenge students at every level, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and experience to excel in their musical pursuits in an environment that fosters growth and development.

Our Centre for Young Musicians offers one-to-one lessons for school-aged children (K-12). Lessons are held in Adelaide/Kaurna Tarntanya at the Elder Conservatorium of Music buildings on the University of Adelaide’s campus on North Terrace.

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Group Classes – Term 2 2024

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Unlock Opportunities in Music Education

At the Open Music Academy, we're passionate about the life-changing impact of music education. We're dedicated to nurturing talent, but sometimes, limited finances stop students from pursuing their interest in music.

Your Support Makes a Real Difference

When you contribute to our Bursary Fund, you play a crucial role in helping students overcome financial obstacles. Your support isn't just about paying for education; it's about giving wings to dreams, igniting passion, and bringing the joy of music to more lives.

Our Goal: Full and Partial Scholarships

We're on a mission to offer full and partial scholarships, making music education accessible to all:

  • $12 Per Week: Provides a partial scholarship for beginner students in private lessons.
  • $40 Per Week: Offers a full scholarship for beginner students in private lessons.
  • $27 Per Week: Extends a full scholarship for students to participate in an ensemble.
  • $21 Per Week: Provides a full scholarship for students to participate in a musicianship class.

OMA Donors and Supporters

We greatly appreciate our funders and donors.

Program Supporter

Ronald and Marilyn Seidel

Instrumental Scholarship & Advocacy Supporter

Leanne Nicholls Music Fund

Leanne Nicholls Music Fund Scholarship Recipients
Year Recipient/s
2023 Jibo Barrington and Genevieve Lim
2022 Jibo Barrington and Patrick Moorhouse
2021 Stephanie Dumid and Patrick Moorhouse

Regional Program

Department for Education - with their assistance, more students are able to participate in the Open Music Academy programs, removing financial obstacles and allowing programs to be designed for people with different needs.