Steinway space bookings

Students will be granted access to the Steinway grand pianos in Hartley Concert Room and Elder Hall, with quotas for use according to their specific program of study - please see the Steinway Usage Policy for details. To request a rehearsal time, please check room availability using the Con's room booking system and complete the form below, requesting only available time-slots.

Please note:

  • Requests must be submitted via this form at least three (3) weekdays in advance
  • Piano keys will not be provided without written permission from Elder Con office
  • Pianos must be used where they currently sit on stage in Elder Hall, students may not request to have them moved for practice purposes
  • Breaches of the Steinway Usage Policy or the Elder Con Room Booking Policy may result in practice room privileges being revoked
Year level
Requested venue
Reason for booking
Requested date and time options
Available times will be booked according to your quota, and in order with Option 1 being your first preference.
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