PianoLab (ILA)

PianoLab is a two-day festival (Friday 14–Saturday 15 June) that defies boundaries, reimagining both the piano and the recital within the immersive digital setting of ILA. In this second iteration of the festival, PianoLab 2024 explores the relationship between the nineteenth-century instrumentation, twenty-first-century technology, and creative new ideas. Co-curated by ILA Creative Producer Lewis Godwin and South Australian composer, pianist, and Elder Con alumnus Benjamin Nicholls, PianoLab aims to expand dialogue between established institutions and emerging technology, through a program encompassing recitals i both The Lab and The Light Room – the former referencing the rich history of piano composition and the latter contrasting with an entirely experimental approach.

PianoLab is made possible thanks to the Adelaide City Council, the Elder Conservatorium and Australia Piano Warehouse with support from Recitals Australia.

Flight by Vivian Choi Milton

Internationally acclaimed pianist Vivian Choi Milton debuts at ILA to celebrate the return of PianoLab.

Friday 14 June 7.00pm
The Lab

Comminuere Communitas + Reflections

An excercise in collective liminality explored through music collaboration by Tim Koch and Andrew Lang plus Anders Bogdanowicz, Jazmine Deng and Max Brading. A piano LED meditation in two parts.

Friday 14 June 9.00pm
The Light Room Studio

Lux Aeterna by CORIN + Trapezia

Keyboardist and electronic producer CORIN [EORA/SYD] takes over The Light Room Studio alongside Sebastian Collen and Maryam Rahmani with Capital Waste.

Saturday 15 June 9.00pm
The Light Room Studio


An afternoon with Simón Pazos Quintana and the Eurelia Trio (Paris Netting [violin], Hamish Netting [cello], Yundi Yuan [piano]).

Saturday 15 June 4.00pm
The Lab


Pianist and vocalist Ciara Ferguson is joined by pianist Michael Ierace and violinist Helen Ayres in The Lab for Fusion.

Saturday 15 June 7.00pm
The Lab

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