Call for Papers: Music Round Table

The Musicology and Ethnomusicology Hub at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, The University of Adelaide, and the Musicology and Ethnomusicology Area of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne, invite you to a Research Round Table on the theme of Musical Exchanges, Networks and Migrations to and from Australia.

Facilitators: John Gabriel, Sarah Kirby, Jula Szuster, and Paul Watt

The aim of the Round Table is to discuss future directions of research into the processes and effects of Australia’s musical life from both the export and import of musical activities. We are especially interested in exploring theoretical and conceptual narratives that can help underpin future research in this area, including (but not restricted) to topics relating to:

• Colonial mobility
• Cultural cringe
• Cultural transfer
• Empire
• Exoticism
• First Nations culture
• Gender
• Immigration Policy (inc. White Australia)
• Imperialism
• Multiculturalism
• Politics
• Race
• Refugees
• Religion
• Sexuality
• Social Darwinism and tropes of progress.

Work relating to Indigenous music, female participation, popular music, minority groups, and interdisciplinary research are especially welcomed.

The Round Table invites informal and succinct talks of ten minutes outlining your:

1. Current research.
2. Topics or themes you are intending to research in the future.
3. Expertise, grants, or publications on which you would like to contribute and/or collaborate.

If you would like to participate in the Round Table, please email

All we need is a brief title of your current research and 2–3 sentences about it.

Deadline for Notice of Participation: 28 April
Date: 12 May
Venue: Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Southbank

This Round Table is a hybrid event.

Inquiries: Paul Watt

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