Sia Furler Institute (SFI)

Creativity is the spark that ignites innovation, and innovation propels growth

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, the rise of AI demands rapid adaptation to technological disruptions. That's where the Sia Furler Institute comes in – we're here to prepare you and us for a thrilling and challenging future.

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Visit the SFI website to learn more about our unique and future-focused course offerings, and our commitment to exploring the intersection of creativity and emerging technologies with music and media.

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Message from the SFI Director

Tom Hajdu

Since 2015, the World Economic Forum has ranked creativity as one of the top three skills vital for the future workforce, thanks to creative minds finding innovative, superior solutions.

In an age where AI is reshaping the workforce, cultivating these skills is more crucial than ever.

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Art Intelligence Agency

The Sia Furler Institute has teamed up with the Centre for Augmented Reasoning (CAR) and world-renowned artists to form the heart and soul of the Art Intelligence Agency (AIA). 

We've gathered the brightest minds from the fields of art, technology, and business to pioneer the next wave of artificial intelligence.