Lunchtime Concert - Rhythm Song

Emma Horwood  pedal/Celtic harps & voice
Steven Peterka  percussion

Hildegard of Bingen  O Viridissima Virga
Anon.  Yo me soy la morenica
Juan García de Zéspedes  Convidando está la noche

Alan Stivell  Ys
Joy Ju Hoffman  Autumn (for double harp) 
Lori Pappajohn  Girl in the Red Skirt
Carlos Salzedo  Song in the Night

Join acclaimed alumna, harpist and soprano Emma Horwood and Adelaide Symphony Orchestra principal percussionist Steve Peterka as they create a unique soundscape with pedal and Celtic harps, voice and percussion (including bells, chimes, cymbals, crotales, castanets, ocean drum, rain stick and cajón). From medieval chant to Spanish Renaissance villancicos, traditional Scottish port à beul, and contemporary works by Carl Crossin, Melisande Wright and Emma Horwood.

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