Open Music Academy Student Concerts (June 2024)

The Open Music Academy (OMA) celebrated the culmination of the first half of the teaching year with a series of captivating concerts held across two days (Friday 28–Saturday 29 June) at Madley Rehearsal Studio.

Hosted by Elder Conservatorium research fellow Stephen King, the concert sessions provide students with an invaluable opportunity to gain performance experience and instill confidence while showcasing their hard work to family, friends and peers.

There were fantastic performances from a wide array of instruments, from drums to violin to bassoon and everything in between. Highlights included the OMA String Quartet's rendition of Haydn's Op. 33 No. 2, and Leanne Nicholls Scholarship recipient Genevieve Lim performing the first and second movements of Telemann's Sonata in A minor on the oboe. With the first half successfully concluded, the Open Music Academy now sets its sights on the latter half of the teaching year, and the all-important end-of-year showcase concert, scheduled for late November. Many thanks to all the performers, families and friends, and OMA staff for a wonderful mid-year concert!

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