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Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships

The Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships have been created to encourage undergraduate students to consider undertaking postgraduate study at the University of Adelaide leading to a career involving research. The scholars will work with a research team to stimulate their enthusiasm for advanced study.

Applications open: 9am, Monday 26 July 2021
Applications close: 5pm, Friday 17 September 2021

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  • Elder Conservatorium of Music

    Developing a compositional language for contemporary Indigenous Australian composers
    Supervisor: Dr Dylan Crismani
    Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) 

    The aim of this research project is to compile and develop composer resources for Indigenous composers through the revitalisation of traditional song and language. The key outcome of the project will be a new compositional language that revives and revitalises culture, is meaningful for the composers, allows greater expression, and expands the boundaries of contemporary Australian composition.

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    Sound Sculpting Wuxia Chivalry: Music and Sound in King Hu’s Chinese Martial Arts Cinema
    Supervisor: Dr Tsan-Huang Tsai

    The Chinese martial arts genre known as wuxia developed in the 1920s in Shanghai and has further flourished in the Hong Kong and Taiwan film industries since the 1950s, but it only became well-known to the international audiences of world cinema after the success of the Oscar-winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Ang Lee 2000).

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  • School of Humanities

    Assessing community views on pest species in Australia
    Supervisor: Professor Rachel Ankeny
    Department of Classics, Archaeology and Ancient History

    Pest species are a growing concern in Australia, particularly given the recent mouse plagues that are causing significant damage to agriculture and property.
    This project seeks to perform a rigorous systematic review of existing literature on community views to pest species in Australia in order to identify key themes and gaps in our understandings, with particular reference to rodent pests.

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    Fear, Anger, Disgust: Unpleasant Emotions in the Greco-Roman World
    Supervisor: Professor Han Baltussen
    Department of Classics, Archaeology and Ancient History 

    In recent decades, the historical study of emotions has become a booming research field and pioneering studies such as D. Konstan’s The Emotions of the Ancient Greeks (2008) have done much to evaluate the evidence from the ancient world. Building on such important studies and my own earlier research into grief (ARC funded project; book in progress), I ask more broadly how the ancients tried to cope with unpleasant emotions and forms of distress.

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    Mum first – performing (digital) motherhood
    Supervisor: Dr Kim Barbour
    Department of Media 

    This project looks at motherhood as a construct and a practice. Of all the ways that ‘women’ as a concept is socially and culturally constructed, it is being (or not being) a mother that often impacts, both positively and negatively, on all other elements of the lives of women. Importantly, these impacts exist whether or not a woman raises children.

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    Decolonising Our Curriculum
    Supervisor: Associate Professor Katie Barclay
    Department of History 

    Decolonising the curriculum involves working to create a learning and teaching environment where students engage with a diverse and global range of voices, perspectives and methodological traditions, that supports social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other minority groups, and which recognises the knowledges and expertise that a range of stakeholders, including students and the general public, bring to the classroom and to their learning.

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    Comics and Digital Humanities
    Supervisor: Dr Aaron Humphrey
    Department of Media 

    Comics contain a universe of socio-cultural information that researchers are only beginning to understand and categorise. In this scholarship the student will use digital humanities tools to help unravel, categorise and document some of the crucial cultural data of historical comic books.

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  • School of Social Sciences

    Caring for Our Common Home: The Eco-social Citizenship of Pope Francis
    Supervisor: Dr Benito Cao
    Department of Politics and International Relations 

    Environmental concerns and ecological values are transforming what it means to be a citizen in the 21st century. Governments around the world are recognising environmental rights, activists refer to our duties to the environment, corporations present themselves as good environmental citizens, children are taught to be mindful of their ecological footprint, the media tell us repeatedly to reduce, reuse and recycle, and theorists have begun to consider all this under a new field of study called environmental citizenship.

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    Blacklists of Oppressive Regimes
    Supervisor: Associate Professor Tim Legrand
    Department of Politics and International Relations 

    Blacklisting is the primary means by which states around the world officially designate ‘enemies of the state’ and thereby legitimise a host of punitive national security measures. This power is ancient and common in liberal and non-liberal states alike, but the global proliferation of anti-terrorism measures after 2001 paved the way for authoritarian states to exploit blacklisting to label dissenters, human rights activists, NGOs and ethnic minorities as terrorist threats. This project will contribute to a broader ARC-funded project exploring the use of blacklisting globally.

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    What Drives Anti-Refugee Sentiment in Australia?
    Supervisor: Dr Djordje (George) Stefanovic
    Department of Sociology, Criminology and Gender Studies 

    What drives anti-refugee sentiment Australia? This project is a new direction for Dr Stefanovic’s work that builds on, but also goes beyond, his current research on right-wing populism and his previous research on refugees. While there is a vast literature on predictors of anti-immigrant sentiment, the research on the anti-refugee sentiment still remains comparatively undeveloped.

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    China in the Pacific Islands: partner or problem?
    Supervisor: Professor Joanne Wallis
    Department of Politics and International Relations 

    Since reports in April 2018 that China was in talks to build a military base in Vanuatu (which were denied by both governments), Australia’s anxiety about China’s presence in the Pacific Islands has escalated. Australia has consequently engaged in an extensive ‘step-up’ to enhance its relationships in the region. But it was not that long ago that Australia was seeking to partner with China on joint development projects, exemplified by a program to address malaria in Papua New Guinea.

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